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Some things we take for granted: death, taxes, and titles that are descriptive of their content. When we headed into the wilderness of Pennsylvania truck stops and Amish Walmarts, it was with the understanding that this detour would conclude at Niagara Falls. Yet, this was not the intent when we left Tennessee. I had left my passport in the Volunteer state along with other assets that we considered unnecessary for this leg of our trip. Thus, it was important that we stay on the US side of the falls. In hindsight, I know that that would have given us such a limited experience of the falls.

Flying J showers are awesome.  After a couple relatively successful sleepovers at Walmart, we decided to up our game and camp with the big boys: commercial truck drivers.  Yes, when we realized that we wouldn’t reach our intended campground before it was dark (thanks, Hershey), we decided that there was little value left in even camping somewhere nice and opted, instead, for cheap.


Baltimore did not get it’s due. After a relatively sleepless night, I had exhausted my energy but had acquired a

DC was delightful. While we did stop by the requisite Lincoln, Jefferson, and Vietnam memorials, we spent most of our time in two places: the American History Museum, and the Natural History Museum. We saw diamonds, Kermit the Frog, and Dorothy’s slippers. The greatest surprise was when we stumbled onto a small display in the shipping section of the American History Museum which included a small speck of gold under a magnifying glass. Yet this little speck is attributed as the first nugget discovered by John Marshal at Sutter’s Mill, sparking the California Gold Rush.

I suppose that heading to the nation's capitol would inherently involve some traffic. We just weren't expecting this.

Today is a great landmark in our travels. It is the day in which we finally spanned the coasts of America. Certainly, there are faster routes and more efficient schedules, but we worry about streamlining our businesses, not our leisure. From our starting point in San Francisco, tonight, we find ourselves in Williamsburg, drinking beer and laughing at Donald Trump. (He seems to think that running a country is like hosting a reality TV series. At least it's good for a little chuckle.)

Before this momentary respite from the road, we were winding our way through the Appellation mountains from Kentucky into Virginia. Our first site on crossing the border? Why, a massive strip mining operation. While stunning in a way, it was rather dissapointing for someone who had been waiting for a clear shot from high on Black Mountain.