Man’s Vices by Frank Redford on display in East Jesus, Slab City

Entering the scene at a towering 6’7” is our vagabond traveler Redford. Bringing a wealth of stories to the campfire from hitch-hiking around the continent for the last several years and a love of hearing his own loud voice. It helps that he is also an experienced chef who usually presides over the occasional pig roast. Educated, informed, and opinionated he’s currently seeking enlightenment or just a warm spot to lay down. Redford is recognized as a master bottle wall builder in a relatively small field and a poor writer in a larger one. Some attribute this to mood altering drugs or just the desert sun. Recently he’s been branching out to painting and the use of glue so the future is uncertain at this time

East Jesus, website

Lexi lives in a truck camper down by the river.