Broken Arrow Trail is one of the most popular trails in Sedona, AZ. There is a reason for the popularity.

About Us


We started Roam Lab in San Francisco, California. The rental market was expanding into a massive bubble—a pretty popular activity in the Bay Area—and we didn’t want our budgets expanding with it.

Instead, we decided to participate in another popular Bay Area activity: starting our own business. But we didn’t want to start our business in San Francisco. Instead, we pool our savings, got a van, and mix business with pleasure by living and working on the road.

Lexi & Chris in front of their 1970 Avion C11 truck camper parked on the coast of Big Sur, California.

Chris & Lexi by the sea

Our Rigs

We started our journey in a 1986 Ram 3500 commuter van named Dodgy. It was offered to us by a friend after hearing us bemoan the cost of campers. Despite elaborate renovation plans, a year after starting our journey in Dodgy, we agreed that we loved the lifestyle but it was time to shell out for a serious rig.

Dodgy II is a 2015 Ram 3500 Truck that was meant for someone else but languished in a lot when the intended buyer fell through. Not many people look for a 1-ton, 4-wheel drive, gas tradesman truck in electric blue…but we were. We started this chapter with Dodgy II and a truck bed shell. But our plans were much bigger.

After a year of research, we knew what we wanted and were monitoring Craigslist. When a 1970 Avion truck camper was listed for sale in Florida, we jumped in the truck and took off. The last year and a half has been spent in progressive improvements to the loved but aged camper.

Truck Camper DIY

A Work in Progress

We live an alternating life of work, renovation, and adventure. Our Avion continues to be a work in progress. So, when we aren’t exploring the countryside, we are adding incremental improvements to our home on wheels.

Our Adventures

Living on the road has opened us to so many opportunities for adventure. We fill our days with hiking, offroading, campfire cooking, and most any activity to get us outside and close to nature. Browse our recommendations by activity or location.

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