A Land of Possibilities

Arkansas is a land characterized by the rolling emerald hills of the Ozarks, expansive prairie, and Mississippi shoreline. The natural beauty is easily accessible in public campsites, hiking trails, and offroad routes across the state but particularly in Ouachita National Forest to the west and the Ozarks along the northern boarder. It boasts one of the only places you can find your own diamond, at Crater of Diamonds National Park. Arkansas includes a historic destination for relaxation and recovery in Hot Springs National Park. Even the states urban regions include draws like the public art along the Little Rock River Walk.

Things To See In Arkansas

Hike up the Hot Springs viewing tower
Make a donation at the Billy Bass Adoption Center
Relax at your beachside campsites at Crystal Springs Campground
Toltec Mounds Archeological State Park
Take a spa day in Hot Springs
Find your own diamond at Crater of Diamonds State Park
Order a hubcap burger where the elite meet to eat
Hike to Little Missouri Falls

Visiting Parks In Arkansas

Arkansas has a wealth of public parks, many beautiful and yet low key destinations where one can get close to nature and avoid the crowd.

Hiking In Arkansas

Arkansas’s rolling green mountains are ideal for scenic and remote hikes with brilliant vistas. Spring and Fall are, by far, the best time of year to hike Arkansas.
The heat and humidity of summer can be quite the damper on outdoor activities. Yet, any chance to get out in the wild and see those views is absolutely worthwhile!

Camping In Arkansas

There is a wide range of camping options across Arkansas. One unique note I would make is that our stay in Crystal Springs Campground is the only developed ground we have ever visited where we paid for two nights to a manned ranger station only to return the second day to find our site had been rented out to another camper while we are away. The ranger’s response was to ask us why we left the site unattended. Why wasn’t there a camper or tent? Because we have a truck camper. Now, we travel with a popup tent simply as a marker to make it clear when we have taken a site.

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A Land Of Possibilities

Arkansas is an amazing state but, you know what? We have not had nearly enough time to explore it! Do you have some favorite parks, trails, campsites, roads, or oddities in Arkansas? Tell us all about it!

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Lexi lives in a truck camper down by the river.