New Mexico

A Rugged and Weird Landscape

New Mexico, as a member of those South Western states that draw snowbirds is too easy to miss while searching for warmth in the winter. Many routes southerly routes traveling east and west barely hit more than the southernmost tip of the state. Yet, with brilliant white sand monuments, dramatic rock formations, and a wide array of ghost towns, New Mexico deserves special consideration along your route.

Things To See In New Mexico

Sled down the dunes of White Sands National Monument
Spelunk through El Mal Pais
See the petroglyphs at El Morro
Tour the New Mexico Ranch Heritage Museum
Camp out at Aguirre Springs Campground

Visiting Parks In New Mexico

White Sands, El Mal Pais, El Moro, and many other parks are all expressive of the unique and rugged landscape of New Mexico.

Hiking In New Mexico

From deserts to mountains and everywhere in between. New Mexico boasts a wide variety of scenic hikes across the state.

Camping In New Mexico

Maybe we have just been lucky, but finding places to camp in New Mexico has been one of the easiest undertaking in our travels.
New Mexico has a wide variety of boondocking options but even developed campgrounds are available.

Do keep in mind: White Sands National Monument is an amazing place to visit at night but only supports hike in tent campsites.

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