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We are nomads on a perpetual road trip across America. After three years traveling and nurturing an engaged outdoor adventure community we have begun building our ultimate adventure vehicle. We are looking for partnerships to join us in our 1970 Avion truck camper for one amazing outdoor adventure.


Customization & Overlanding

Hiking, Kayaking, Camping, & the Great Outdoors

Riveting, woodwork, & home (RV) improvement

Campfire Cooking & Recipes

Previous Collaborations

Over our years as brand ambassadors, Roam Lab has earned a reputation for professionalism and quality. Previous collaborators include Valvoline, Rustoleum, Duluth Trading Company, Bonobos, Megamaster Grills, and many other apparel, food, drink, and outdoor vendors.

Goodyear & Discount Tire

Wrangler® UltraTerrain AT™ Tires

To highlight Goodyear’s Wrangler® UltraTerrain AT™ Tires, available exclusively at Discount Tire, we took these beautifully engineered all terrain tires along the highways and back roads of Colorado and Utah for an extended photo shoot.  The alpine, scrub, and desert shots became the core of a three part campaign focusing on different features of the tires across different terrains.

Instagram Sponsored Posts

Content For Brands

While many brands work with us to reach our online community, we also produce engaging photography and writing for brand's use on their own social channels and advertising.

Firestone Guest Post


In spring of 2019, Firestone is gearing up for summer road trip season and looking for experienced road trippers sharing their advice.  At Roam Lab, we decided to share one of our favorite, under-appreciated gems, the Natchez Trace.  For this campaign, we included photography, written content, and promoted the post on our social channels.

Product Photography

We have also arranged photoshoots to create content for brands to use in their own social channels and advertising.

Glass of white wine enjoyed around with campfire with a salmon dinner




Portable Turbine

Hand pouring a bottle of wine with a salmon dinner

The Hidden Sea