Gem of the Pacific Northwest

It is funny that the state named after George Washington is about as far as one can get from his original home. Yet, I have a feeling that the first president would be pleased with the land linked to his moniker. Washington State is a land of constant contrast from Pacific beaches, fjords of the Puget Sound, high latitude rainforests, and the still active stratovolcano of Mount Rainier.

Things To See In Washington

Drive To Obstruction Point

Wander the Seattle Underground

Inspect the Olympic NPS Tide Pools

Step back in time with the Maryhill Stonehenge

Explore Fort Ward

Visiting Parks In Washington

Washington’s parks display some of the most fantastic natural diversity. Olympic National Park possesses the highest latitude rain forest, alpine fields, and tide pools.

Hiking In Washington

It’s hard to find a hiking trail in Washington that is not worthwhile. But equally worthy is remembering the right equipment. Rain is a regular occurrence, so hikers should always travel with at least a light weight poncho and waterproof hiking boots. While we are not regular users of hiking poles, we have found them incredibly useful to help balance as we avoid deep mud in the rainforest or avoid slipping along snowy trails. Yes, you can hike both in the same day.

Camping In Washington

Like hiking, camping in Washington is equally wonderful but requires the proper gear. Scattered showers are commonplace. So, if you don’t want to be constantly dashing for cover, it pays to have an awning to cover your outdoor space. For those tent camping, a good rain fly and proper tarp deployment are valuable ways to avoid sleeping in your own private pond.

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