South Dakota

The Good, The Badlands, and The Beautiful

South Dakota is a land of expanses—from the bitter buttes of the Badlands, the rugged heights of Devil’s Tower, to the windswept grasslands surrounding the memorial at Little Big Horn. More likely than not, however, what you’ll be alerted to first will be the notorious tourist trap, Wall Drug. One region of the state is striving for dark sky designation, making it a destination of star gazing and astral photography. And, for the history buffs, never forget the wicked town of Deadwood, nestled in the Black Hills.

Things To See In South Dakota

Survive the Bad Lands
Stand in the geographic center of the United States
See the wildlife at Bear Country USA
Take cover at a shootout in Deadwood
Revel in the tourist trap that is Wall Drug
Inspect the nudes at the Adams Museum
Tour the cutting edge of Black Matter research
Inspect a frightening landmark at the Miniteman Missile National Historic Site

Visiting Parks In South Dakota

Badlands National Park, Mount Rushmore, Jewel Cave, Wind Cave, and so many other parks draw in visitors and spark the imagination. Many of these parks have diverse wildlife. Be sure to visit early in the morning or late in the evening to be sure to see bison and other wildlife out and active.

Hiking In South Dakota

South Dakota can be a rough environment. There’s a reason for the Badland’s name. Be sure, when hiking, to be aware of the weather and to not over exert yourself.

Camping In South Dakota

Camping In South Dakota has been some of the least stressful camping we have experienced. We haven’t stayed in any developed sites, but the boondocking is good, even in Badlands National Park. The only trouble we had in finding a spot was when visiting Deadwood. Rather than running round to find a last minute space in the more built up area, we sprinted out to Devil’s Tower in Wyoming and spent the night.

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