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Wyoming is home to two gems in the National Park collection: Yellowstone and Grand Teton. These two landmarks are an easy draw into the state, but there is plenty more to see where that came from.

Things To See In Wyoming

Count down to Old Faithful
Spot a bison
Hike to Inspiration Point
Watch the sun rise reflect on Grand Teton
Take a picture of the Yellowstone Falls
Hike Around the Devil's Tower
Walk down Mormon Row

Visiting Parks In Wyoming

Wyoming hosts some of the most grand and celebrated parks in the United States. Yellowstone is the first National Park and features like Old Faithful and the Grand Prismatic Pool draw dense international crowds. In comparison to the bustling boardwalks of Yellowstone, it’s neighbor, Grand Teton National Park can seem almost empty. Lots of people travel all the way to Yellowstone without allowing any time to explore Grand Teton. The two sites are so close it would be a shame to miss out.

Hiking In Wyoming

There are hiking trails all over the state of Wyoming, but the most exciting is climbing up and around Grand Teton. Be sure to plan early for major hikes. In high season, parking lots at trailheads can fill up.

Camping In NorthWyoming

There are many camping options when visiting Wyoming but most is centered around the two major national parks. Sites book up months in advance. Finding a last minute campsite in Yellowstone is pretty much impossible. But that is where Grand Teton comes in.

Camping in Grand Teton is competitive, but early arrivals have a good chance of picking up a recently vacated spot. We were waiting at the camp ground around 10 am to jump on a spot. Certainly, there are nicer spots that we may have had a chance at with a reservation, but we were in!

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Lexi lives in a truck camper down by the river.