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Side Dish
Campfire Cooking Recipes

Who says you can't enjoy multi-course dining at the campground? While we normally fall back on cheese, cured meats, and fruits for pre-dinner snacking, somedays we pull out the big guns, stoke up the fire, and prepare some tasty appetizers. Here are some of my favorite appetizers for campground cooking.

Vegetable Recipes

Green beans, asparagus, corn, and other veggies really round out a meal with important vitamins and minerals. That is why I take special care to develop a wide collection of vegetable side dish recipes. Of course, we all have our favorites. I'm a pushover for parmesan asparagus while Chris loves mozzarella zucchini. Find your own favorite.

Potato Recipes

Fried, baked, or roasted, potatoes are a solid side for any occasion. Expand your culinary potato prowess with this campfire classic.