New Zealand

Few places can offer the density of geographic diversity found in New Zealand. This country has it all—from geothermal pools to mountain passes, rainforests to fjords, and everywhere in between. Inevitably, ones challenge while visiting New Zealand is one of prioritization. You won’t be able to see everything. So, what will you see?

A Note On Language

The primary language of New Zealand is English. But like any living language, particular words do not always mean the same thing. Within an hour of arriving in New Zealand, we were flummoxed in trying to buy an ice cooler to keep food and drinks chilled along our trip. It wasn’t until one very kind lady stopped us and noted “I think you’re looking for a chilly bin.” And yes, when we asked a shop employee for a “chilly bin” they took us to the aisle in question. We took it as a learning experience. There were many terms we had to learn while in New Zealand. The key is to be considerate and open to correction.

Hiking In New Zealand

We are firm believers that one of the best ways to explore is by hiking. In New Zealand, the term is “tramping” and the trails are referred to as “tracks.” You can imagine my mild offense taken when it was “accused” of tramping. It was short lived given the breathtaking vistas and invigorating tracks we traversed.


Lexi lives in a truck camper down by the river.