A Rainbow Desert

Utah is home to a wealth of natural beauty to overwhelm any outdoors person.

Things To See In Utah

Hike Arches National Park
Camp outside of Moab
Take a selfie in Monument Valley

Visiting Parks In Utah

It is no surprise that Utah hosts several National Parks. The natural beauty is unparalleled. Moab, in particular, is the hub for wilderness wanderers as the access point for both Arches and Monument Valley National Parks.

Hiking In Utah

Utah has an exciting collection of hiking trails.
More likely than not, you will be hiking through desert. Be sure to travel in solid hiking boots, cary plenty of weather, and be alert for snakes and other venomous wildlife.

Camping In Utah

Given the impressive draw of Utah’s parks, it is worth thinking ahead when planning a place to camp. Campsites inside of parks are limited and often booked in advance.
Even BLM camping outside of Arches fills up surprisingly early. We relied on tribal land outside of Moab that allowed campers. Even though it was a glorified dirt parking lot, it was located right against brilliantly colored cliffs. Yes, it’s hard not to have an awesome view in Utah.

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