Brilliant Wanderings In Colorado

Colorful Colorado is ideal for outdoor adventure—be it rugged overlanding trails, mountainous vistas, close encounters with wildlife, or awe-inspiring hikes.  This mountainous state is home to three National Parks, a suite of charming ski towns, and remote wilderness.  Which makes creating an itinerary quite a challenge.

Things To See In Colorado

Hike through the Garden of the Gods
Drive America's highest elevation continuously paved highway
Visit the grave of Doc Holiday
Ride the Telluride Gondola at sunset
Marvel at Starr Kempf's Kinetic Sculptures
Climb with the cliff dwellers in Mesa Verde

Altitude Sickness – Colorado is host to towering mountains, alpine lakes, and many other high elevation attractions.  Any trip above 8,000 feet comes with the risk of altitude sickness.  So, learn from my mistakes and prevent altitude sickness before it derails your Colorado adventure.

Visiting Parks In Colorado

Colorado’s violent geology makes for brilliant hikes across the state.  Whether it is the rugged range of Rocky Mountains National Park, the colorful rock formations of Colorado National Monument, or the shifting landscape of Great Sand Dunes National Park. Colorado offers a wide range of environments.

Hiking In Colorado

Colorado is a state that takes hiking to new heights.  While visitors can get a sampling of desert wilderness in the south and east edges of the state, most hiking here is among mountains.  As a Mecca for outdoor activities, popular trails in Colorado can be incredibly busy.  Trailhead parking in Rocky Mountain National Park is a matter of timing, even for the overflow lots.  But in such a lush state, there are tons of alternatives to find.  A bit of advanced research can go a long way.

Wherever you hike, safety is key.  Colorado terrain is rough, the weather can be harsh, and even the wildlife can be quite imposing.  Be sure to stick to main trails, dress appropriately, carry provisions, and let someone outside of the hiking party know your plans.

Camping In Colorado

As dedicated RVers with little interest in winter sports, there is a whole season in Colorado that is completely lost to us. But in the spring, summer, and fall, Colorado is meant for outdoor living.

What Colorado isn’t meant for is urban camping. One of these worst nights we experienced while traveling was spent leapfrogging from Walmart to Walmart along Highway 70—desperately searching for a lot that allowed overnight parking. Even relatively low density counties banned overnight parking. By the time we reached a truck stop where we could sleep in Grand Junction we were weary and disillusioned with the entire state.

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