Whimsical Beauty on the West Coast

Oregon is a remarkable state to explore.  Visit it for the seashore.  Visit it for the forests.  Visit it for the mountains and everything in between.

Things To See In Arizona

Explore the Columbia River Gorge
Drive the Oregon Coast Line
Spelunk Through the Oregon Caves National Monument
Photograph Thor's Well at Sunset
Discover Lewis & Clark history at Fort Clatsop
Dive into the Sunken Forest in Clear Lake
Hike Silver Falls State Park
Eat a Voodoo Donut in Portland

Visiting Parks In Oregon

Oregon hosts many remarkable parks. While the state hosts Crater Lake National Park, it also has many remarkable state parks such as Silver Falls.

Hiking In Oregon

Be it climbing Mount Hood, wading through Silver Falls, spelunking through the Oregon Caves, or wandering coastal beaches, Oregon has a beautiful range of hiking options. When planning a hike, keep an specially weary eye on the weather as you are planning your gear. Anyone familiar with Oregon’s weather patterns knows that the difference between sun and rain is a matter of days, not just seasons.

Camping In Oregon

There is a wide range of camping options throughout Oregon. Finding a spot in a developed campground calls for planning in advance. There are opportunities for boondocking across the state.

Oregon has thrown a wrench in the works of one of our go to last minute solutions: truck stops. Whenever it’s late and we just need somewhere quick to sleep, we often fall back on truck stops. However, these locations are a lot more hectic in Oregon because the state bans self service pumps. So, the inevitable backup as people wait for service makes for chaotic, noisy, and impassable lots.

We Have To Talk About Portland

While we aren’t city fold (anymore) we still can’t help taking some time in Portland.  The food, artwork, and culture make it worth the time but the busy streets and heavy traffic make it a complicated stop for anyone with more than a compact car.  The few times we visited, we avoided bringing our truck downtown.

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Lexi lives in a truck camper down by the river.