Big and Beautiful Texas

There is a lot to cover in Texas. Traversing the Lone Star State is quite the undertaking. Yet, while the population of Texas swarms around it’s metropolitan centers, that leaves vast swathes of wilderness open for exploration. Be it camping in Big Bend, exploring the modern art oasis of Marfa, or driving on Surfside Beach, there is plenty of adventure to be had.

Things To See In Texas

Hike Big Bend National Park

Spot the Marfa Lights

Tag a car at Cadillac Ranch

Drive Route 170

Tour Modernist installations at the Chinati Foundation

Spot a heron at the South Padre Birding & Nature Center

Visit the Jack Sisemore Traveland RV Museum

Drive down Surfside Beach

Hike Palo Duro Canyon

Visiting Parks In Texas

Desert, forests, grasslands, canyons, and beaches: Texas has it all when looking for parks. In such a large state, the goal is to pick a region and explore. Whether it’s Palo Duro Canyon, South Padre Seashore, or Big Bend National Park, there is plenty to see across the state.

Hiking In Texas

It’s difficult to give general advice on hiking in such a diverse area. Like other desert areas, it is particularly important to be wary of snakes and venomous insects when moving about. Summers are very hot, so be sure to hydrate and be aware of your limitations.

Camping In Texas

Texas may be a big state, with plenty of boondocking opportunities. But when you are looking at developed camping grounds in high trafficked areas, the same rules apply. We rolled into Big Bend National Park at what we thought was the end of a weekend. It was actually the night before a state holiday. There was no chance of camping in the park and it was only through the kindness of a local landowner that already had a Boy Scout troop camped on his land that we even found a place for the night.

Of course, that’s the worst case for camping. On the other hand, if you have 4-wheel drive Texas is one of the rare states where camping is allowed on designated portions of the beach. Just be conscious of the rules and be sure to pack out everything that you packed in.

Our Favorite Texas Campsite – Spend the night on a beach!

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