Our Rigs

From #Vanlife To Vintage Truck Camper

While our interest in nomadic living has been a common thread since we left our San Francisco home base in 2015, how we did it has been a matter of constant change. We started traveling with a 1986 Ram 3500 van but we soon discovered that what we wanted was a 4-wheel truck and truck camper. In the following years, we have worked towards our dream home with a 1970 Avion C11 truck camper.


It's been a long road to the right rig.

Our beloved vehicles have taken us across the country and back again. They are part of our story, shaping our route and trajectory. Our 1986 Dodge Ram van, Dodgy, and its successor Dodgy II—a 2015 3500 Dodge Ram truck—have each brought specific capabilities and limitations to the table. We’ve dirtied our hands with renovations and augmentations. Other times, we’ve had magnificent plans that have just fallen through. Either way, it all contributes to our story on Roam Lab.

Other Rigs

While we have found our ideal adventuremobile in a 1970 Avion C11 truck camper, there are so many different solutions to nomadic living. We still love to meet other nomads, and see other rigs that have traveled the country. Wether it's RV museums, factory tours, or overland event, we've encountered many an exciting homes on wheels.

Custom Renovation Work

We love having a project. So, wether it is our 1986 van or a 1970 truck camper, we always bring out own flair to the rig with our own renovation work. We learned a lot from our van gut on the importance of having a solid base to work with. Recently, we have done a complete gut on our vintage truck camper. The results, thus far, have been fantastic!

  • Great design comes with some inspiration.  What is missing in other products that will be present in yours?  Along with being a beautifully sophisticated pop-up truck camper, the XP Camper benefits from the love and detail that comes from a founder who cares about beer.  Tired of not being able to store that case of beer in the odd shaped storage bin? These storage receptacle dimensions come with a consideration of what could be stored in it.  Right below your feet when you first walk in is a storage space that can fit two cases of beer cans.  A strangely small storage bin by the bed is perfectly sized for fitting a bottle of bourbon.  Now, I'm a scotch drinker, personally, but we do spend a good amount of time in Kentucky and Tennessee, so I wouldn't say "no" to a good spot to store some bourbon.

  • The trip down to Florida was relatively uneventful. Aside from 2 hour delays due to traffic through Atlanta, everything was pretty much according to plan. We arrived shortly before midnight. Without a shell, we checked into a hotel.

  • We wake the next morning at 4:30AM. The anxiety of our insecure camper situation made it hard to sleep as it is. The activity in the parking lot only made it more so. We just want to get the camper up to our work station as fast as possible so that we can get to work. We set everything in the camper on the floor so nothing will fall and move into the cab of the truck to drive away. Google predicts a 9 hour drive. We assume more.

  • After three days of desperately keeping the Avion on our truck, now we are faced with the challenge of getting it off our truck.