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Campfire Cooking Recipes

The perfect way to wrap up a day of hiking, kayaking, off-roading, or other outdoor adventures is time around the campfire. Take it to the next level by cooking dinner over the open flame. These are a collection of my favorite recipes. I particularly recommend the Down Home Shrimp & Grits! It’s my favorite recipe to prepare for visitors.

Seafood Recipes

Fish, shrimp, crab, scallops, lobster, or pretty much any seafood is high on our list dinner favorites. As old fish is not a pleasant smell or very safe meal, it tends to be one of our first meals after a provisioning trip to the market. We operate with a cooler and even many RV fridges struggler to preserver perishables well. So, prioritize one of these treats for your first night of camping.

Poultry Recipes

In a world where so many things ``taste like chicken`` make your poultry stand out with a little campground flare. Try our Cornish Game Hen or Prosciutto Wrapped Chicken for some novel campfire cooking. They are guaranteed to surprise and delight!

Pork Recipes

I have to admit, in a world where almost everything is better with bacon, this category of cooking collects many mixed meats. Enjoy Shrimp and Grits (with bacon), Skewer Shrimp (wrapped in bacon), or chicken (wrapped in prosciutto). Yeah, we like to mix up our recipes.

Beef Dinner Recipes

When we want a fancy meal to sear over the campfire, steak is the obvious answer. Be it filet, ribeye, porterhouse, tomahawk, or ground, beef is one of our go-to dinner meats. Check out our very exciting Tomahawk Steak recipe or you can never go wrong with this simple glazed filet mignon.