Macabre Museums, Tourist Traps, and Road Trip Diversions

What makes a road trip? It is the little, wonderful oddities that we stumble across during that long stretches of highway between where I was and where I am going. Sometimes, we can even plan them. So, let me share some of my favorite oddities encountered in our travels.

Road Trip Gems

There are places we travel to: landmarks, natural wonders, celebrated museums, comfortable getaways, and world renowned institutions.  And then there are the in between places.  The sites that might confuse you whether or not you have slipped into the Twilight Zone: Lovecraftian structures,  timeless installations, and creations that exist for the simple sake of their own existence.  These are the gems that we occasionally stumble upon but, more often miss.  A week later someone may hear you traveled through Joshua Tree and ask if you visited the Krblin Jihn Kabin but you will be far away by then.

So, don’t miss out.

We have shared some of our favorite oddities here, for your enjoyment.

Outdoor Art

Found scrawlings, remote installations, and outdoor museums. These strange, whimsical places are often off the beaten path but a path worth traveling, nonetheless.