Dodgy II: The Truckening

2015 3500 Dodge Ram

After a year on the road in a van, we had learned a lot of things. Top of the list: #vanlife wasn't for us. We wanted a truck. A big truck that could take a camper into the middle of the desert or the peaks of mountains. What we got, was Dodgy II: The Truckening.

A 1986 3500 Dodgy Ram Van

In 2014, a family member has a 1985 Dodge 350 commuter van rotting away in the backyard. We think it will be fun to fix up. In fact, we do manage to get it running. Yet, it keeps breaking down and we can never get the air conditioning to consistently work. We jokingly refer to the van as ‘Dodgy' due to its unreliable nature.