Dodgy II: The Truckening

2015 Ram 3500

After a year on the road in a van, we learn a lot of things. Top of the list: #vanlife isn't for us. We want a truck. A big truck that can take a camper into the middle of the desert or the peaks of mountains. What we get, is Dodgy II: The Truckening.

Upgrading to a DIY Truck Camper

After a year of narrowing down our wants, we find Dodgy II. It is the distillation of all we want: a long bed, quad cab, and 4-wheel drive. Did I mention the 7 cup holders? That's important to me too. With a 1-ton rating, Dodgy II may seem a little overpowered for the simple truck bed shell and mattress that we stick in the back. That's because we have much bigger plans for big blue, here.