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A Ring Around Washington

Exploring the coastal beauty of the Pacific North West

Discover the highest latitude rainforest, expansive tide pools, and alpine tundra along Highway 101 in the north-west corner of Washington state. Starting in Seattle, Washington, take the ferry to Bainbridge Island, connect with Highway 101 and follow it through Olympic National Park and down the Washington Coast. Olympic National Park is a strong contender for one of our favorite National Parks in the United States. The geographic diversity in such a relatively small region is mind blowing. Couple that with the nearby and thriving port city of Seattle, a ferry ride across the sound, and an extended coastal highway, and you have a classic road trip in the making.

Olympic National Park

Most of the thrilling vistas in Olympic National Park, from mountain tops to tidepools, are connected along highway 101. Hike through snow and search for sea stars all in one day.

Top Stops on Highway 101

A Gem in the Pacific Northwest

With a major metropolitan center and expansive National Park, Highway 101 skirts by so many amazing places.  But there’s a few that you shouldn’t miss!