A DIY Lifestyle

When we launched our nomadic lifestyle in 2015, we were determined to build our own home on wheels. What started as a quick van life excursion soon blossomed into a massive DIY undertaking when we bought our 1970 Avion C11 truck camper. We completely gutted this vintage RV and the rebuild has touched every aspect of the rig. In the course of this, we have become experienced craftspeople with aluminum, fiberglass, electronics, and more. Check out our projects below.

Exterior Truck Camper Renovation

Fiberglass, Riveting, & Structural Enchancements

Before we can get wrapped up in paint colors, fabric swatches, and flooring samples, we need to make sure our 1970 Avion C11 truck camper has a solid and reliable body. We learn a lot while upgrading the exterior of our RV.

Interior Truck Camper Renovation

We are rebuilding our truck camper's interior from the subfloor up. That means every interior flourish that we make with intent and an intense amount of research. That's probably why our interior is still a work in progress. Follow us on the social media outlet of your choice for updates on our improvements.

Electrical System

Before we can install a water pump or an air conditioner, we need an electrical system to power it. The Avion is a 100% electric-powered camper. We don't use propane or diesel to cook a meal or heat the room. But getting to this point requires one large scale system.

Waste System

Toilets, holding tanks, plumbing, and ventilation is a messy issue (literally). But we are diving headfirst into the question of waste management (metaphorically). We have been researching and experimenting with several different RV toilets to pick the best one. And it's a complicated issue!

Truck Mods

Our offroad adventures are made possible by Dodgy II: The Truckening. This 2015 Ram 3500 Tradesman model truck came with very few frills aside from the double cab, 4-wheel drive, and the blue paint job. Now that we have it, however, we've been adding features, including a Warn winch, Bushwacker Fender Flairs, and Happijac Tiedown System.