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Road Trip

From Highways to Dirt Roads

Exploring the Country

We began our perpetual road trip at the beginning of 2015 when a family friend sold us a 1986 Dodge 3500 van. Since then, we have crossed the country many times. Stayed in hotels, campgrounds, and isolated wilderness. When it comes to planning a road trip, I think we have some experience to offer.

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The Soft Places

Offroading Adventures


It's been a long road to the right rig.

Our beloved vehicles have taken us across the country and back again. They are part of our story, shaping our route and trajectory. Our 1986 Dodge Ram van, Dodgy, and its successor Dodgy II—a 2015 3500 Dodge Ram truck—have each brought specific capabilities and limitations to the table. We’ve dirtied our hands with renovations and augmentations. Other times, we’ve had magnificent plans that have just fallen through. Either way, it all contributes to our story on Roam Lab.

National Parks System

One of our guiding destinations when planning at trip is catching a National Park. These federally preserved treasures earn their place of distinction with some of the most awesome natural features to be found across the United States. While we haven't seen them all, they are certainly on our list. In the mean time, let me share our experiences thus far.

Where We have Been

Curious about our notes in a particular location? Click on a state to see our tips, tricks, and experiences in the state.