Perched in a truck camper at Zapata Falls Campground, outside Great Sand Dunes National Park, Colorado.


Exploring on two wheels

Explore the wilderness on two wheels with us and our electric collapsible mountain bikes—the latest addition to our truck camper setup. Checkout trail and equipment reviews along with classic Roam Lab tweaks to better complement our nomadic lifestyle.

Another Road Trip Tool

Once we have gone through all the trouble of claiming a campsite, I’m not eager to drive away without good reason. It’s not as if we have a trailer to leave behind to claim the site. While we could remove our truck camper, taking it off and on is tedious. We rarely remove it unless we have a large renovation project that will make it not road-worthy for an extended period of time.

So, that’s where our bicycles come into play. We can make runs into town if we are close to civilization (Lone Pine is only four miles from the most common campsites in the Alabama Hills.) We can explore trails before driving them. And we can access sites that might be inaccessible to a large vehicle.