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Campfire Cooking Recipes

Ready to fuel up to continue your day of adventure? Check out these quick and easy lunch campfire cooking recipes. Make melty sandwiches in a grill basket. Sear the perfect hamburger on a cast iron skillet. And grill creamy corn on the cob over an open fire.

Often, lunch for us is a granola bar or other quick snack to keep us going through our travels. But when we have the luxury of a lazy day at the campground, it’s time to pull out our handy grilling baskets, tinfoil, and forks and whip up some simple, tasty meals over the campfire. Allow me to recommend the Class in the Campground Prosciutto Mozzarella Sandwich, it is a personal favorite.

Seafood Recipes

Seafood is often an overly complicated protein to cook when camping, especially when we are talking about lunch where we are looking for a midday boost. That said, easy options like canned tuna, salmon, and crab make for simple seafood options that are easy to whip up. We often travel with several cans of tuna and other seafood options. It's a convenient fallback when you have run out of fresh alternatives.

Pork Lunch Recipes

Bacon, ham, and prosciutto are some of our go-to pork products for easy and tasty lunch recipes at the campground. Pick your favorite out of our collection of recipes and stoke up the campfire.

Poultry Recipes

Lunch is the ideal meal for clearing out leftovers from last night's dinner and sandwich meats. If you are operating out of a cooler, the expiry date on your poultry is sped up. So, prioritize leftover poultry rather than letting it languish in the cooler. With the amount of chicken and turkey we often have around, that means we get creative with our lunch choices.

Beef Lunch Recipes

Beef, it's whats for lunch with these classic recipes including pastry wrapped hot dogs and classic hamburgers. Grab a bag of chips and heat up the fire with these tried and true lunch-time pleasers.

Vegetarian Recipes

We don't need animal proteins for a hearty lunch. Enjoy these vegetarian lunch recipes from the Roam Lab team.