United States of America

See America First

In keeping with the popular slogan of the early 1900s US National Park Service campaign, we have chosen to “See America First.” We have visited more than half of the United States in the last year.

Things to See in the United States

Watch the bison wander through hot springs in Yellowstone, Wyoming
Boondock on BLM land
Raft with the sea otters in Morro Bay, California
Get your kicks on Route 66
Watch the sun set over the Pacific Ocean
Wander the Superstition Mountains, Arizona
Camp on the beach of South Padre Island, Texas
Watch the sunrise over Grand Teton, Wyoming

50 Nifty United States

Let Me Break It Down For You

It's hard to consolidate the attractions of a country spanning 3,531,905 square miles. It has prolonged coastlines along the Atlantic and Pacific. It is bisected by the Appalachian, Rocky, and Sierra Nevada mountain ranges. It rises to the arctic circle in Alaska and flirts with the equator in Hawaii. And while I may attempt to draw broad generalizations from our years of exploration, perhaps you may want to delve deeper into a single state.


United States

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Boondocking or "free camping" is staying over night in informal campsites such as undeveloped campgrounds, parking lots, or driveways.  This can mean drastically different camping styles depending on the individual.  We have had our share of secluded nights in the wilderness and noisy truck stops.  The common thread through all of these? We didn't pay a cent for the site.


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We are dedicated hikers.  Trails offer a unique opportunity to engage with a new region's environment. Whenever we have a lull in our travels, we are on the eye for a trail.


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12 destinations


1 destinations

Visiting Parks in the United States

Be it National, State, or regionals parks, the United States are chalk full of amazing parks.

  • Arizona

    The Arizona Strip is a stretch of Northern Arizona divided from the rest of the state by the Colorado River. The powerful river is an obstacle on its own, but the deep canyons it has carved have effectively isolated
  • Nevada

    Valley of Fire State Park was an afterthought for us. It happened to be a convenient location outside of Las Vegas with boondocking along the park's access road. But, my oh my, it has become one of the highlights of
  • California

    Explore Death Valley National Park's colorful hillsides along the 9-mile one-way Artists Drive.

Hiking in the United States

Mountains, desert, remote, or urban.  There are hiking trails all over the map.  Here are some of our favorites!

Camping in the United States

Be it RV parks, BLM boondocking, developed campsites, truck stops, or Walmart parking lots, there is a wide range camping options out there and we’ve had our share of it all.


Lexi lives in a truck camper down by the river.