About Us

We are two computer programmers whose shared love of independence and adventure spurred us to quit our jobs and move into an '86 Dodge Ram van. Now we road trip across the USA as digital nomads—finding the joys of the small and the monumental and, occasionally, writing about it. Roam Lab documents our search for the magnificent, the odd, the tasty, and the brilliant from sea to shining sea.

The Trip

Have you heard "I've Been Everywhere"? Yeah? Well, we are almost there. We have been zig-zagging across the US for the past two years between national parks, small towns, museums and more. Whenever we find something remarkable, we remark on it on Roam Lab.







The Vehicles

Our beloved vehicles have taken us across the country and back again. They are part of our story, shaping our route and trajectory. Our 1986 Dodge Ram van, Dodgy, and its successor Dodgy II—a 2015 3500 Dodge Ram truck—have each brought specific capabilities and limitations to the table. We've dirtied our hands with renovations and augmentations. Other times, we've had magnificent plans that have just fallen through. Either way, it all contributes to our story on Roam Lab.

Dodgy II

Dodgy I

The Latest On Roam Lab

There's always something new with Roam Lab. Sometimes we are exploring new wildernesses. Other times we are poking around strange bits of Americana. More often than not, we are working and contemplating the next steps to improve our truck living situation.