Wild & Wonderful Wisconsin

Wisconsin may be known for it’s cheese and enthusiastic sports fans, but when I think of Wisconsin, green forests, lush lakes, and fascinating people come to mind. To us, it is a hotspot for the strange and delightful—from Baraboo’s Circus history to the House on the Rock.

Things To See In Wisconsin

Eat fried cheese curds

Wander the House on the Rock

Take in a show at Circus World

Visiting Parks In Wisconsin

With all it’s rainfall and rivers, Wisconsin’s parks are lush lands to explore.

Hiking In Wisconsin

Wisconsin has a wide range of shady forest and river front trails. Be sure to wear repellant for mosquitoes and ticks in season.

Camping In Wisconsin

We have had poor luck finding camping sites in Wisconsin. Our last minute attempts have brought us to full campgrounds. Yet, planning ahead can lead to some pretty fantastic sites along lake and river fronts.

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Lexi lives in a truck camper down by the river.