A Land of Possibilities

Michigan is a beautiful land bordering four of the Great Lakes and split into two distinct pieces: the Upper and Lower Peninsulas. It is a dream for water sports, bird watching, and pretty much any other outdoor activity given the many parks and natural beauty of the state.

Things To See In Michigan

Brunch on Mackinac Island
Hike to Arch Rock
Get some rays on the beaches of Lake Michigan
Drive across the Mackinac Bridge

Visiting Parks In Michigan

Michigan is chock full of public parks and natural beauty. Many beaches along the Great Lakes have been preserved for public enjoyment. While a state park today, Mackinac Island was the second site to be designated as a National Park, three years after Yellowstone.

Hiking In Michigan

Michigan is a state meant for outdoor exploration. Hike along rivers, lakes, and forested bluffs.

Camping In Michigan

Camping options abound in Michigan. With shoreline along four Great Lakes, it is the ultimate summer escape. That being said, it is valuable to know the weather ahead of time and have gear to anticipate sporadic rain storms.

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  • Lake Michigan covers 22,404 square miles of the earth's surface—slightly smaller than West Virginia—with 1,640 miles of shore line. That makes it the fifth largest lake lake in the world. With 1,180 cubic miles of water, It is also the
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  • Tranquil Bluff Trail traces 3 miles of bluffs along the eastern side of Mackinac Island from Arch Rock to British Landing. The route is moderately difficult, with many inclines and declines, but possibly the most challenging part of the path


Michigan is an amazing state but, you know what? We have not had nearly enough time to explore it! Do you have some favorite parks, trails, campsites, roads, or oddities in Michigan? Tell us all about it!

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