Wall Drug is the consummate tourist trap. If you have come within 100 miles of this massive commercial compound, you have likely seen one of their signature signs advertising their homemade pie, dinosaurs, coffee, donuts, buffet, and the general need to stop in Wall, South Dakota.

For the price of some loose change, this gorilla will play you a song.

I’m unsure if this standoff has any moving parts or if this poker game is in an eternal state of arrest.

Wall Drug was originally a drug store, but today it is a network of restaurants, shops, and anamotronics. One can pay a quarter to watch a massive gorilla play the piano, listen to serenading Cowboys, enjoy a steel drum machine, or flee a Tyrannosaurus rex as it pounds against Jurassic Park-esque containing doors.

Full disclosure: the food and service is not good. The buffet selection is obnoxiously cheap and English is not the first language of the servers. I know plenty of awesome bilingual people who are perfectly comprehensible. These are not that type of English speakers. Looks like Wall Drug has a cruise-like deal with importing women from Eastern Europe but hasn’t invested enough in training to explain that the height of the lunch rush might not be the time to gossip around the cash register.

Come for the singing cowboys but there’s not much worth buying.

An cartoonish animatronic Tyrannosaurus Rex attempts to break free of its Jurassic Park-esque restraints every 15 minutes.

In the back of an apparel shop is a display of taxidermied exotic animals all shot by the Hustead family, owners of Wall Drug. See displays from African antelope to the Polar Bear. It’s pretty sad but very high quality.

Lexi lives in a truck camper down by the river.

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