The Cabazon Dinosaurs

Dinosaurs mean a lot of different things to different people. To children, they are awesome monsters and rubber toys. To the movie buff, they mean Jurassic Park and apocalyptic fears of science. To Young Earth creationists, they are the embodiment of biblical monsters that roamed the earth besides humans for the 6,000 years that the world existed.

To demonstrate this assertion, the Cabazon Family Partnership and MKA Cabazon Partnership of Costa Mesa bought two massive dinosaur statues originally built by Claude Bell, an engineer from Knox Berry Farm. Along with climbing into the mouth of a towering T-Rex, you can visit their creationist museum inside a Brontosaurus or walk through a yard filled with most any dinosaur model the new owners could get their hands on—regardless of size—side by side with lions, lambs, and other mammals. As one label assures you: “Don’t swallow it! The fossil record does not support evolution.” The power of kitsch is strong with this road side attraction but some may take issue with the gross pseudoscience and constant proselytization.

The original Cabazon Dinosaurs.
The original Cabazon Dinosaurs.
From Mr. Rex's Mouth
From Mr. Rex’s Mouth

One of many additional dinosaurs of many sizes on display.
One of many additional dinosaurs of many sizes on display.
Don't look back!
Don’t look back!

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