Flying J showers are awesome.  After a couple of relatively successful sleepovers at Walmart, we decided to up our game and camp with the big boys: commercial truck drivers.  Yes, when we realized that we wouldn’t reach our intended campground before it was dark (thanks, Hershey), we decided that there was little value left in even camping somewhere nice and opted, instead, for cheap.

We rolled into Flying J, dined on Denny’s finest steaks, and then tackled the last mystery we had left in this nomadic lifestyle: showers.  And suddenly, we found ourselves transported into a bathing room rivaling those found in 4-star hotels.  The warm water was plentiful, the spray was delightfully even, and the tiling was downright classy.  Flyinig J, hats off to you!

Lexi lives in a truck camper down by the river.

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