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Set In Stone

Petrified Forest is home to petroglyphs, ancient preserved wood, and other colorful rock formations in northeastern Arizona. Take a drive down Petrified Forest Road for a master class in geology.

Crystalline Tree Rings Petrified Forest State Park

Crystal Tree Rings


Painted Desert in Petrified Forest State Park

Colorful Vistas


Visiting Petrified Forest

Petrified Forest is one of the more low-key children of the National Park System. There are no campgrounds, and its scenic route connecting Interstate 40 and highway 180 makes it an easy day trip while traveling through Arizona. The northern section of the park is mostly colorful rock formations and desert vistas. The southerly section transitions into manmade petroglyphs and pueblo ruins, along with the eponymous petrified forest. All are accessible by short hikes. Despite their short length, visitors should be conscious of their water supply and body covering in this dry and exposed environment

Things To Do In Petrified Forest National Park

Hike the Crystal Forest
Get the latest at Newspaper Rock
Take a selfie at Kachina Point
Learn more at the Rainbow Forest Museum
Drive Petrified Forest Road
Savor a picnic at Chinde Point
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Petrified Forest National Park