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Times sure are changing, and this year has seen a boom in RV usage. This is an opportunity to tune in to the RVing community’s latest trends with an independent questionnaire. We’ll keep this form open to submissions through the end of the year. Come January, we will process the results and share a report for our RVing community.

We would like to know so much, but to keep things simple, we are only asking 20 simple questions. We ask that this be treated like the census. One form is entered to represent a family unit, whether a conventional family, a couple, a solo traveler, or a group of friends sharing an RV.

We will not share any personal information. Your email address will be used to notify you when the results from this survey are ready or important updates to the survey.

2020 RV Census

A Little About You

Tell us a little about you.

About Your RV

Tell us a little bit about your RV(s).

Do you rent or own your RV(s)? *

If you rent or borrow an RV, please answer the following questions according to the model of RV you have used the most.

What type of RV is your (primary) RV?
Have you added any aftermarket modification(s) to your RV?


Who regularly travels with you in your RV?


What pets regularly travel with you in your RV?

RV Activities

Share a little about how you use your RV?

What time of year do you use your RV? *
How much time have you spend in an RV this year? *
What types of campsites to you use most often? *
Do you often camp with other RV owners? *
What states have you visited with your RV in 2020?
What National Parks have you visited with your RV in 2020?
Have you traveled outside of the United States with your RV in 2020? *

(Optional) Social Media

This section is completely optional. If you would like to share your social media handle we will tag your account when the results from the survey come out.

Do you post about RVing on your social media?

What are your social media handles?

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