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I am surrounded by wild infant cottontails. They are so small. Each time one hops by me, I want to scoop it up and cuddle it. But they don't like scooping or cuddling. Not with people, at least. And it's not the best thing to do when dealing with wild orphans.

I am looking for someone, something to blame.⠀ I am devastated,⠀ I am hurt,⠀ And I want to lash out.⠀ I woke up this

We have been in a hair growing contest for the last two years. Shortly before we moved into a van and went on the road, we both shaved our heads and it's been off to the races ever since.

I'm not saying who, but someone wasn't taking care of their hair. I'm not pointing fingers, but they thought that long hair would be easier than having to go to a hair salon twice a month to have it cut. I'm not here to place the blame, but someone thought that "out of sight, out of mind" meant that if they couldn't see what was in the back of their head, the problem would just go away.

It wasn't until we witnessed a drug deal go bad at a border town truck stop that I stopped to seriously consider safety. Certainly, I had thought about it. We covered our windows at night to deter attention. I sleep with a hatchet and a bottle of bear spray next to my pillow and have yet to maim my driving companion. But are these practical safety precautions, or do they just make sense in my head?