Whether the Bridgford BBQ Beef Camp Sandwich is a terror of Lovecraftian proportions or just bland is a matter of great dispute at our table. Certainly, the “bread” is flavorless, dry, grainy, and strangely salty. It had the texture of mildly stale bread and the flavor of saltine crackers. What pittance of meat there was was cut with an aggressively sweet bbq sauce.

To be clear: we did finish the sandwiches. We couldn’t heat any water to cook one of our freeze dried meals and it was too late and too far to get a cooked meal. We weren’t so repulsed as to go to bed hungry. So, in the loosest of definitions, the “sandwich” did fill its role.

We get that this product is filling a difficult niche: a no-cook, no-chill, ready-to-eat meal. But I think I’ll stick with beef jerky and crackers in the future. There will be more meat and not pretense of being anything other than it is.

There seems to be some particular mind games being played with the packaging. The outer packaging is quite alluring, but after the bag is opened, there is more packaging. This time, it starts to become clear that what you are about to consume is closer to army rations than hot pockets for backpackers.

Lexi lives in a truck camper down by the river.

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