Griffith Observatory

Finally, we make it to Southern California and weather befitting civilized society. We shrugged off our coats and scarfs to go shopping for sunglasses and eating sushi.

Despite having spent a lot of time in Los Angeles, one place I had yet to visit was the Griffith Observatory. My best understanding of the location was conveyed from Rebel Without A Cause, which left me wondering “what is the observatory like when it’s actually open?” One thing I now know is that the observatory hasn’t completely sold out like many other science museums re: planetarium shows. These presentations are live with a person talking about the night sky and space rather than a prerecorded celebrity narrator. I suppose this is the benefit of visiting an area with an overabundance of actors. Even science museums get great orators.

After enjoying the views and some fun displays, we took a quick gander at Bronson Canyon, home of the original bat cave. It was only fitting, then, to conclude the night with a viewing of the 1966 classic film starring Adam West, Batman—one of Hollywood’s greatest gifts to humanity.

Lexi lives in a truck camper down by the river.

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