Sharing the road with a horse and buggy in Intercourse, Pennsylvania

While we may be digital nomads—tied to our computers by a need as intangible yet powerful as a wifi connection—we appreciate the opposite end of voluntary simplicity embodied by the Amish. This morning, we woke to the sound of hooves on the pavement, as a rider navigated his horse and buggy through the parking lot to Walmart’s stable. Yes, when you sleep in a Walmart parking lot outside of Intercourse, PA, you share it with the horses.

My partner had been itching to visit Intercourse for a while, though, unfortunately, we visited it on a Saturday. Living a life relatively divorced from calendars and clocks, we were not anticipating the influx of tour busses and rolled in around 10 AM. Yet, after walking around enough to see that the downtown offered little more than “comfort shopping” than actual cultural learning and appreciation, we felt we had seen enough to move on.

Sharing the road with a horse and buggy
Sharing the road with a horse and buggy

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