Truck camper at the Iron Spring Campground

Among the pines and aspen trees, off a bustling gravel forest road, on the far outskirts of Montrose, Colorado, and absolutely free, the Iron Spring Campground is an wonderful surprise. We camped at Iron Spring while tackling the Rimrocker Trail. While the trail itself proves the be scenic, rough, and grueling, the portion between Montrose and Nucla, Colorado, which the Iron Spring Campground is located is wide, smoothly graded, and surprisingly busy with large lumber trucks. The campground, itself, while only boasting a few sites, included vaulted toilets, fire circles, picnic tables, and sites large enough for the class A motor home that was parked a few sites down from us. Despite a lack of electrical hookups, sewer, or running water, for a boondocking site, I consider this plush. While close to the busy road, the site is quiet at night.

I had planned on dispersed camping along the Rimrocker, but this quiet campground was a welcome bump in our usual lack of ammenities.

Truck camper at the Iron Spring Campground
Camped out at the Iron Spring Campground

Blooming wildflowers at dawn
Blooms in the campground

Lexi lives in a truck camper down by the river.


  • September 20, 2019

    As long as good drinking water is available and a way to wash clothes/dishes and a way to take a shower, I might give it a go. The only thing else I desire is a way to plug your electronic belongings into an electrical outlet to charge them up. I’m just not ready to move out of East Texas where I have all these lakes and forests..


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