Today, we engaged in some mini dog sitting. Oh so mini. A friend just got a very little Yorkipoo. She is so young that the fur is still growing in and, as a runt, she does pose pretty easy pickings for the resident hawk. So we were there to make sure that the young’un didn’t meet an untimely end while her human went to a doctor’s appointment. To us, this meant it was time to play “put the puppy in the teacup,” place her next to play things that dwarfed her, and other fun games. In other words: today was puppy day care day.

Step one was letting her out in the back yard. Most dogs like being let loose in the back yard. Yet, when one’s legs are shorter than the tufts of grass, even traveling ten feet is an ordeal.

This little lady finds running around in the background particularly challenging because she has to leap over tufts of grass. Yeah, she is so tiny.

It’s not surprising, after a half hour in the back yard, that her next activity was a very determined nap. I say determined because she had no interest in napping just anywhere. She wanted to nap against someone. She wasn’t terribly specific. There were several false starts as she snuggled up against my sandaled foot. Not one to stay in any place for long (note our nomadic proclivities) each time I moved my foot, I would disturb the puppy and she would snuggle back up to my foot. Eventually I have in and scooped her up and placed her in my lap. At least then, she could sleep and I could work.

Our mini ward (puppy) takes a nap. She doesn’t seems to only want to relax when physically touching someone. Such a people puppy!

Once she was tired of napping, we moved back outside so that we could keep working without having to worry about her relieving herself on the carpet (again). I would say that I sat back and worked while she rambled around on the patio but I’d be lying. I was taking pictures.

Puppy chilling on a patio.

We came across a rogue beach ball after a massive storm. It became an excellent metric of how incredibly small this puppy is.

Lexi lives in a truck camper down by the river.

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