Category: The Trip

Yes, we went to Overland Expo East. No, we didn't camp or stay the whole week like we did two years ago. For people in the middle of a build, those tickets get expensive and the time is better spent plugging up leaks. Yet, for one day, we waded through shoe-engulfing mud, the likes of which I hadn't seen off the set of Deadwood to talk with fellow wanderers and vendors to inspire the next stages of our build.

How can this be? A massive storm is supposed to roll in tomorrow but today is the clearest, sunniest day yet! We wake up to our own, secluded bay. I make breakfast and we are out to sea, around “The Hole In The Rock” and headed to Army Bay. Kim, our host, has explained that the best muscling is a short dingy's ride from the bay and a well established hiking path takes us across the island.