Our friends in Tuscon, Arizona are adamant: you should go camping in Coronado National Forest. To our surprise, the entry point for their particular camping area is the same we took nearly a year ago to the day when we visited Kentucky Camp.

Winding our way to Coronado National Forest, Arizona
Winding our way

Relaxing in a hammock in Coronado National Forest, Arizona
This is the life!

A Campsite With A View

Like many of the camping sites we settle in, camping in the Coronado National Forest occurs along a random assortment of pull-outs along a winding dirt road. After a few miles, we came to a ridge with a site situated at the edge of a sharp decline. It was an expansive vista out to the mountains. We pull that Avion as far in as the brush would allow and set up camp.

Preparing salmon and rice for dinner in Coronado National Forest, Arizona
Preparing dinner

The remains of a campfire in Coronado National Forest, Arizona
The remains of a campfire.

After a glass of wine and dinner cooked over the fire we settle in to watch the sunset. As the last dregs of color are absorbed into the deepening navy of night, we hear the cries of a pack of coyotes. “C’mover here” Cowboy motions upwards. We wind through the tall grasses to the top of the ridge, overlooking our campsite. Cowboy throws back his head to echo the chorus of coyote cries. It is a magical night.

Avion Ultra truck camper in the moonlight
Avion in the moonlight

Sunrise in Coronado National Forest, Arizona
Sunrise in the forest

Lexi lives in a truck camper down by the river.

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