While we had already enjoyed a short hike with friends while staying in Palm Springs, we decided to circle back to for a night of camping after we bid the crew adieu. After an awesome hike, we settled in to a small camp site, set up our newly acquired inflatable glamping* chairs on the roof of the van to eat Bahn Mi and drink wine, and watched the sun set. Unfortunately, we, yet again, forgot to consider the elevation we were camping at and quickly retreated into the van as soon as the light show was over.

* I presume you have heard of glamping. It seems that there are now books about it. I bet there was some special on NPR discussing the new activity. For those gentle souls too fashionable to camp, there is glamping. From some images, it looks like glamping involves all the accoutrement of camping but in pink and with extra padding. It might also call for designer sun glasses and a lot of Instagram selfies. Regardless, it’s camping in comfort and one upside of the fad is REI made some super comfy yet rugged inflatable chairs that make me feel like we brought a couch with us.

Lexi lives in a truck camper down by the river.

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