This is not ok. We tried so hard. We traveled down to the southernmost tip of Texas to stay warm. We thought that, at this point, we would be in the clear. Nope, it’s snowing.

It is March and we have just had 3 inches of snow. I had been lounging in bed—recounting my dream about stealing the mummified hand of some ancient British royal and going on the run—when I looked up and gasped. It’s snowing!

Wandering through the snow.

Coming Out

I rummaged around: I do have clothes for this contingency but where are they? Ah! Ridiculously poofy hat that makes me looking like I’m in mother Russia: check. Long black winter coat that does little to dispel the impression that I am in mother Russia: check. I think I’m ready to go outside.

There should be blossoms on this tree. It should be ready to erupt in color. What is wrong with this picture? Snow.

Winter Activities

Most importantly though, you know what time it is? It’s time to build a snow man. Maybe a little snow isn’t that bad after all.

When there is snow, there is a list of things one must do:
1. Snowball fight
2. When it snows, we must build a snowman.

Why yes, our snow man does have two articulated legs. Bet you didn’t expect that. Granted, there is a reason most people stick with the tried and true stacked-ball model of snow man: ours lasted for a grand total of 5 minutes.

Lexi lives in a truck camper down by the river.

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