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Flourishing In Desolation

There is no hyperbole in the name Death Valley. While the 3.4 million acres of desert may play host to sublime spring super blooms and painted rocks, it also plunges below sea level, as the lowest point in North America and reaches temperatures above 120 degrees. Fortunately, 1000 miles of paved and dirt roads make much of Death Valley accessible to the mobile air conditioning units we know as ``cars.`` Roll on through the Artist’s Drive to see the Artist’s Palette and other colorful rock formations. Gape at the Devil’s Golf Course, where wind and rain has formed unearthly spires of salt rock. Take your own water with you even on a short walk along the salt flats of Badwater, 282 feet below sea level. Be sure not to miss the picturesquely eroded rocks of Zabriskie Point.

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