1970 Avion C11 truck camper on display at the Bowen Customs booth at Overland Expo East 2022.

Overland Expo East 2022 is a wrap but the memories, lessons learned, and impressive rigs linger. To all those we met, Howdy! To those we missed, I hope you come again so we can catch you next time around. And to those who didn’t come…maybe we can convince you to make the trip in 2023…

Drive the Globe massive offroad rig on display in the DIY Showcase at Overland Expo East 2022.
Drive the Globe makes a repeat appearance.
Looking through the window of Slacker Van at Overland Expo East 2022.
Slacker van sideview

About Overland Expo

Overland Expo is a three-day annual event featuring lectures, vendors, rigs, and a vibrant community of new and experienced adventurers. It’s the perfect opportunity for people who are passionate about overlanding to come together and learn from one another. Attendees can explore all sorts of different rigs, talk to vendors, and get inspired to hit the open road.

Loki slide-in truck camper on display Overland Expo East 2022
Loki slide-in camper

Overland Expo East

While the event started in Flagstaff, Arizona it has spread to satellite East, Mountain West, and Pacific Northwest events. For the past few years, Overland Expo East has taken place in early October at the Oak Ridge Estates in Arrington, Virginia. Not Arlington, Virginia. That’s a completely different place. Arrington, Virginia is a beautiful town located in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains. And Oak Ridge Estate is a scenic and remote property with plenty of room for fun.

Slacker Van with solar panels deployed at the DIY Showcase during Overland Expo East 2022.
Checking out the Slacker Van
Red Neck Truck on display in the DIY Showcase during Overland Expo East 2022
Red Neck Truck at the DIY Showcase

What To Do At Overland Expo East 2022

Overland Expo offers a wide range of activities over the three-day event. The class schedule is full of informative lectures and roundtables about popular destinations and valuable techniques. The DIY Showcase highlights unique vehicles that are a testament to the creativity of this community. Wander the vendor’s area for everything from outdoor clothing, over-the-fire cooking gear, camper appliances, offroad vehicles, to fully built-out adventure mobiles.

Potential overland van on display at the Overland Expo East 2022
Potential overland van
Luxurious dinette on display at Overland Expo East 2022
A roomy dinette
Rivian electric truck on show at the Overland Expo East 2022
Checking out the Rivian Electric Truck.
Grey and green camper kitchen interior on display.
Bright colors open up a kitchen.
Grey and green interior on display.
A colorful interior with clever detailing.

Coming and Going

While attendees can choose to rush along highways to and from the event, that does defeat the spirit of Overland Expo and misses out on one of the highlights of the event’s timing and location. The event is consistently scheduled in early October, coinciding with peak leaf peeing in the region. And being just off the Blue Ridge Parkway and an hour’s drive south of Shenandoah National Park, there are a lot of impressive leafy views to peep at.

While we always have a slew of last-minute projects to wrap up before arriving at Overland Expo East, leading us to rush the arrival, we equally consistently make a point to allow time on our return to enjoy the season. Last year, we drove the length of Skyline Drive in Shenandoah National Park and the Blue Ridge Parkway. This year, we’ll be heading south to explore the back roads of North Carolina and visit some friends in Georgia.

It’s hard to find a bad route other than a rushed one.

View of an Earth Cruiser overland rig.
Earth Cruiser

Our Experience at Overland Expo East 2022

This was our first year as a display vehicle at the Overland Expo East and hanging out with the Bowen Customs crew to show off our new truck bed was a blast. Best of all was getting to talk about our favorite subject (our rig) with a bunch of similarly passionate individuals.

After a weekend of exploring other rigs and picking the brains of vendors, we’re headed back on the road with a slew of ideas, loads of energy, and (dare I say) some new friends!

1970 Avion C11 truck camper on display at the Bowen Customs booth at Overland Expo East 2022.
Roam Lab rig on display at the Bowen Customs booth.
Group of Overland Expo East 2022 touring the Slacker Van in the DIY Showcase.
Touring the Slacker Van.

Lexi lives in a truck camper down by the river.

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