Almost The Holy Grail at the Grand Junction Museum

The Holy Grail is in Grand Junction, Colorado. It sits in a plexiglass case case in the Museum of the West. At least, they thought it was the Holy Grail. In 1910 when the Chalice of Antioch was first discovered, it toured the world as the Holy Grail. It competed for attention at the 1933 Chicago World Fair. It took over thirty years before anyone noticed that the piece was from the 4th or 5th century. To add insult to injury, the spoil sports at the Walters Art Museum question whether the artifact even warrants the title of chalice as it is more likely an ornate lamp.

The Holy Grail...kinda
The Holy Grail…kinda

To be more of a spoil sport, this lamp formerly known as the Holy Grail is only a replica of the original at the Metropolitan Museum in New York. But the Met has so many pieces of silver. Finding the Holy Grail in the Met is as likely as discovering the Arc of the Covenant in a government warehouse.

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