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This has been a long time in the making. When we bought our Avion C11 truck camper, we knew that the full bed aligned east-west would not work for our full time intent. Initially, we struggled to conceive of a method to form a queen sized bed simply by altering the interior arrangement of the camper. While we could introduce sliding or folding out bed extensions, we could not agree on a solution that wouldn't require us to regularly make and break down a bed or block the interior windows. And so, we reluctantly agreed, we would be extending the cabover.

Timelines are an exercise in wishful thinking. I remember this lesson from my former life as a code monkey. But it's never been more obvious than when renovating a camper.

We have a departure date set and it is coming up fast. But little things keep pushing back our progress.⠀Six months ago, I thought we would have a working kitchen and bathroom by now. Two months ago, I thought we would have rebuilt the bed by now. At this point, I'd be happy to just have the pan of the camper resting firmly and securely on the truck bed.

Most of the Avion's exterior is aluminum. But, the very base of the camper, hanging off the truck bed, is made of fiberglass. It wedges in between the interior flooring and the exterior aluminum pan and holds the back water tank. In replacing the floor, we also had to remove this pan to remount it to the new floor.

The State of the Floor Address

Ladies and gentlemen, the floor of the truck camper is not pretty. After years of patches and general neglect, it is literally falling apart. Try jumping on it. The experience is not unlike that of a trampoline. The concern is for the day that it does not bounce.

Do you have a vintage Airstream, Avion, Spartan, or other aluminum bodied camper? Ever noticed screw heads covered in rust or pitting in aluminum around a steel screw? You my friend, are the victim of galvanic corrosion. And if you don't want to make it worse, you'll want to know a thing or two about how this happens and how to avoid it.