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Sometimes, I look in my cooler and think I have a good idea. "Hey, there's some ham to finish off." "I've got a few eggs." "We didn't finish all the crescent pastry when we made hotdogs." "When did I make this pico de gallo?" That's when I come up with a recipe with the sole aim of consuming as many leftovers as possible. Such an approach is the origin of many a classic recipe over the centuries. So, I thought I would try an experiment which I call the Southwest Baked Egg Breakfast Pastry because it really is just a bunch of stuff I threw together.

Hot dogs have always been our fallback when we want to cook over the campfire but aren't up to a big production. But what if we want to cook over the campfire and have a mini production? This recipe for the Spit Fire Hotdog Wrapped In Pastry can be as simple or as complicated as your heart desires. Add cheese, role in herbs, dip in aloe, it's all good and makes for a great camping activity for both kids and adults. Kids can stick with their boring dogs while you can hunt down the hickory smoked sausage with gourmet catsup.

The inception of the Down Home Shrimp & Grits can be traced to our stormy visit to the Biltmore Estate. There, we enjoyed one lavish dinner at the Village Social. We had arrived a day before the Overland Expo began and took the time to visit the mansion, taste the wine, and top off the night by sampling some southern dishes with a cultivated touch. After having their reinterpretation of shrimp and grits, I was hooked.* Now I travel with a bag of grits next to the oats in my food drawer.