Month: July 2016

I photographed the Milky Way! For a slight pedantic digression: we are in the Milky Way. So, in a way, every photograph that we take that is not done by astronomers, is pretty much guaranteed to be of the Milky Way. All the same, this is a view of the rest of the Milky Way as captured within the constraints of a single camera on Earth. It does not compare to some of the amazing photographs I've seen online. The moon was still out and overwhelms the more distant stars. But it is amazing, and I can go to sleep, happy.

I feel like some Judie Bloom high schooler when I write that today was the best day ever. But it was really awesome. After a couple days of travel, we rolled through Yellowstone to our campsite in the Grand Tetons. In the course of the day, we saw a bald eagle, buffalo, elk, and moose. The only thing left on our Yellowstone bingo card is "bear." My preference would be a black bear, but I wouldn't want to be considered "picky." There certainly is an unhinged part of me that wants to see a grizzly bear in the wild.

Oasis Bordello Museum in Wallace, Idaho is the opposite of what I anticipated. Positioned on yet another brick lined block of shops, one might expect something playing up old west iconography.  Yet, while it traces its origins to early mining clientele, it continued operation into the late 1980s. Instead of corsets and feather boas, the closets are filled with polyester bathing suites and sequin dresses.

We thought it was rain. It wasn't. The evening twisters across the farm land were not wind and dirt but small insects that now plaster Dodgy's grill. The sound as they smashed against our window shield may have sounded like rain, but the smears left by our window wipers quickly dispelled that illusion.

Great design comes with some inspiration.  What is missing in other products that will be present in yours?  Along with being a beautifully sophisticated pop-up truck camper, the XP Camper benefits from the love and detail that comes from a founder who cares about beer.  Tired of not being able to store that case of beer in the odd shaped storage bin? These storage receptacle dimensions come with a consideration of what could be stored in it.  Right below your feet when you first walk in is a storage space that can fit two cases of beer cans.  A strangely small storage bin by the bed is perfectly sized for fitting a bottle of bourbon.  Now, I'm a scotch drinker, personally, but we do spend a good amount of time in Kentucky and Tennessee, so I wouldn't say "no" to a good spot to store some bourbon.