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About Us

We are two software developers whose shared love of independence and adventure spurred us to quit our jobs and move into an ’86 Dodge Ram van. Now we road trip across the USA as digital nomads—finding the joys of the small and the monumental and, occasionally, writing about it. Roam Lab documents our search for the magnificent, the odd, the tasty, and the brilliant from sea to shining sea.  Follow along for tips, tricks, and lessons learned along the road.

Lexi & Chris

Lessons From The Road

We cover a lot of ground in our travels. Almost as much as the metaphorical ground we cover in our writings. We share the research that drove our DIY camper renovation process. Learn about our favorite trails and lessons learned in our overlanding reports. And even get outdoor approved recipes from our campfire cooking section.

From subfloor to solar

Highlights on the road

Offroad trails & gear

RV resorts to boondocking

Outdoor recipes

Building an overland rig

A Perpetual Road Trip

Check our where we have been and click through our map for recommendations organized by state.


Our Vehicles

It's been a long road to the right rig.

Our beloved vehicles have taken us across the country and back again. They are part of our story, shaping our route and trajectory. Our 1986 Dodge Ram van, Dodgy, and its successor Dodgy II—a 2015 3500 Dodge Ram truck—have each brought specific capabilities and limitations to the table. We’ve dirtied our hands with renovations and augmentations. Other times, we’ve had magnificent plans that have just fallen through. Either way, it all contributes to our story on Roam Lab.

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From Roam Lab

There's always something new with Roam Lab. Sometimes we are exploring new wildernesses. Other times we are poking around strange bits of Americana. More often than not, we are working and contemplating the next steps to improve our truck living situation.

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Check out some of our favorite activities while on the road!


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Boondocking or "free camping" is staying over night in informal campsites such as undeveloped campgrounds, parking lots, or driveways.  This can mean drastically different camping styles depending on the individual.  We have had our share of secluded nights in the wilderness and noisy truck stops.  The common thread through all of these? We didn't pay a cent for the site.


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24 destinations

We are dedicated hikers.  Trails offer a unique opportunity to engage with a new region's environment. Whenever we have a lull in our travels, we are on the eye for a trail.


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Rafting, kayaking, canoeing, SUPs, and more—we love paddling lakes and rivers any way we can.  While our nomadic lifestyle makes owning a boat impractical, inflatable watercraft have opened up the waterways of America in ways we hadn't even considered.  Today, not only can we drive up to marina or some other public launch point, but we can bike, hike, and off-road  to remote put in points for some backcountry paddling.  Don't just learn about paddling destinations but how to expand your paddling experiences with pack rafting, bike rafting, and other ways to push the limits of water-sports.


13 destinations


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